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The Call of the Cosmos: What the Universe Reveals About God DVD

The Call of the Cosmos: What the Universe Reveals About God DVD

Randolf Publishing 2018

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Product Description

The Call of the Cosmos is more than a spectacular investigation of galaxies, stars and the planet we call home. It is also a journey into the heart of God. For through the wonders of Earth and outer space we catch extraordinary glimpses of the Lord's artistry, wisdom and compassion as the heavens display His divine nature every moment of every day.

This fascinating film begins with a voyage from Earth to the edge of the observable universe, 45 billion light years away. Then, in a series of captivating episodes, we consider the origin and structure of the cosmos and our significance within it...the mysteries of solar eclipses and agnostic astronomer's honest recognition of a supernatural designer...and the convergent revelations of nature and Scripture.

The Call of the Cosmos is a celebration of science and the character of Goda remarkable film with an unforgettable message that will challenge and inspire your mind and heart. Approx. 59 minutes.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Randolf Publishing
  • ISBN-13: 0804671091219
  • UPC: 804671091219
  • SKU: 0804671091219
  • Release Date: 10/30/2018

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